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Development History

From the first wave of “band fever” in the 1960s to the formal establishment of the order of music in the mid-1970s, this period was an important stage for Hong Kong music world to move from obscurity towards prosperity. As a banner of Hong Kong civilization and entertainment industry, Cantopop has set sail for the first time.
Cantopop soared to great heights in the 1970-80s, but there were few formal performance rental companies at that time. It is in this environment that Trinity Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd. was established in 1978 to meet the challenges of the booming Hong Kong entertainment industry. Subsequently, Trinity Technology (Guangzhou) Ltd. was founded in 2001. TRINITY has so far served the entertainment industry for over forty years.
With over forty years of history and experience, Trinity has devoted to the leasing and installation services of professional acoustic equipment, lamplight, and stage apparatus for the Hong Kong Government, the entertainment industry, fashion shows, communities and schools. We also provide a whole set of equipment for the stars and artists’ touring concerts in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. So far our company has delivered services for thousands of concerts, fund-raising soirees, TV programs, fashion festivals, culture festivals, and opening/closing ceremonies of sports games.


Internal Structure  

There are project, production, design and marketing departments within TRINITY. Products and technical services are extended over mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and overseas market in Southeast Asia, USA, Australia and Europe. As the scale and structure of the stage become more and more complexity, our production department specifically set up to satisfy our own businesses and customer needs that provides high quality and safety products. With serving of the professional products and technological services, TRINITY has earned great reputation across the industry.

  Product Service and Technical Support  
  Over the past forty years, TRINITY has spared no effort in products design and R&D and it has achieved:
First to bring in computer lighting and laser lighting systems to mainland China;
First to promote computer lighting and laser lighting technology in mainland China;
First to provide comprehensive rental service of lighting, audio equipment and truss system in mainland China.
  Certificate & Honor  
  In 2005, obtained Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 International Standard Quality Management System.
In 2012, TRI-Power Truss quick mount folding series was rewarded the National Patent of Invention Authorization.
In 2015, achieved Conformity of the Factory Production Control and Welding Certificate by TüV and parts of TRI-Power Truss products approved TüV mark in the same year.
In 2016, became a testing cooperative partner of TüV SUD Certification and Testing Co., Ltd Shenzhen Branch MES. It marks TRINITY’s factory production control and welding technology has been internationally recognized.
In 2017, became a strategic partner of ESA and Tess.
Hold the Certificates of Professional and Technical Qualification of Stage Engineering Enterprise issued by China Performance Industry Association.(Level-1 Certificate of Stage Engineering Enterprise engaged in Machinery, Level-2 Certificate of Stage Engineering Enterprise engaged in Sound, Level-2 Certificate of Stage Engineering Enterprise engaged in Lighting, Level-1 Certificate of Stage Engineering Enterprise engaged in Comprehensive Technology, Level-2 Certificate of Stage Engineering Enterprise engaged in Stage Intelligence. )
  Successful Events and achievements  

After decades of development, TRINITY has full set of professional equipment for performance, includes audio system, computer lightings, laser lightings, projecting systems, special effect props, performing smoke, water curtain system and roof system etc. Besides, TRINITY team have experienced and talented professionals from around world in lighting system, audio planning, equipment construction and on-site operation.
During the eight years 2010-2017, TRINITY has produced over 600 various events.
In 2010, total of 43 various events marks 8.5 days per event in average;
In 2011, total of 68 various events marks 5.3 days per event in average;
In 2012, total of 71 various events marks 5.1 days per event in average;
In 2013, total of 80 various events marks 4.5 days per event in average;
In 2014, total of 76 various events marks 4.8 days per event in average;
In 2015, total of 120 various events marks 3.0 days per event in average;
In 2016, total of 120 various events marks 3.0 days per event in average;
In2017, total of 120 various events marks 3.0 days per event in average.

TRINITY has undertaken many high quality events, such as the lighting system for the Opening Ceremony of the Ninth National Games, closing ceremony of the Seventh Asia Arts Festival, Opening Ceremony of the 2006 and 2007 Guangdong International Tourism Festival, the hoisting project for the Opening Ceremony of 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games, Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Guangdong University Sport Games, and the nationwide tour concerts of famous stars likes Faye Wong, Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Aaron Kowk, etc. Under the guidance of “attaching importance to science and technology, striving for innovation and focusing on service”, we always provide the most professional and perfect performance system solution and first-class service for the industry.

  Business Philosophy  
  Wisdom creates technology and moves into the new field. TRINITY has been adhering to the service concept of “customer first”, and served the industry with the attitude of technology innovation and the spirit of excellence. With over forty years of experience in the industry, TRINITY will continue to explore and forge ahead to create a better future.