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TRI-Power Manual
Trinity is dedicated to provide customers with excellent stage truss which is leading in design, reasonable in structure and excellent in quality. It mainly includes stage truss series, display rack series, moving stage series, stand series, roof seri
Product specification version:2020版
File size:129M
Update date:2016-03-01
TRI-Power BARRIERS In 2005, Obtained Certificate of ISO9001:2000 International Standard Quality Management System. In 2015, Achieved Conformity of the Factory Production Control and Welding Certificate by TUV and parts of TRI-Power truss products approv
Product specification version:2020
File size:25M
Update date:2020-01-11
intechcom Intercom System
Real-Time circuitry for video, audio & communications. Intechcom Party-line are of the highest quality and reliability and used in broadcast, event production, international games, motor-sports, theater, enterprise, industrial and governmental applicatio
Product specification version:2017版
File size:68M
Update date:2017-02-25
The revolutionary WI-8004 / WBP-9001 wireless intercom system adopts the ultra-high frequency spectrum transmission technology, and combines the excellent performance of narrowband technology and other innovative functions. Therefore, it is one of the bes
Product specification version:2018
File size:3.29M
Update date:2018-05-04
Lighting Special Visual
Product specification version:2017版
File size:53.8M
Update date:2017-02-25
Kinesys Elevation System
Kinesys is a technology company specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of motion control systems for the entertainment industry. In-house facilities include hardware and software design, product design and system integration. These skills ar
Product specification version:2017
File size:201M
Update date:2017-02-25