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Any truss or stage construction that holds electrical equipment requires electrical grounding to protect against electric shock, This is generally specified in international standards and national health and safety regulations. With regard to truss, this is referred to in the European CWA 15902-2 and German IGVW SQ P1.

Safety First
In keeping with its policy to provide safe products and safe systems, Prolyte is now offering a unique for electrical grounding of trusses and stages. The Prolyte System (PGS) provides a safe and simple solution to connect any truss or stage construction to the ground potential of a venue.

Making it Easy
The all-in-one Prolyte System (PGS) starter package contains all the items you need to make a connection between any truss or stage construction and your electrical distribution system. The unobtrusive black-coated, 20m grounding cable can be laid without attention. the cable can easily shortened and the plug-connectors can be remounted without crimping or soldering.

Article Code: PGS-020-16-SP, Prolyte System Starter Package The PGS-020-16-SP contains:
1x Half coupler with male contains
1x Grounding cable, Length 20m, 16mm, Female to Female
1x Universal Earth Connector, 25cm, Male to M12 cable-eye
1x Male socket with M6x20 universal connector


For more details, please download [the file] [Quick Stage Safety Grouding System]
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