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How Important is Intercom System in the stage Performance? Marketing Director Kinson Yau of TRINITY fully interpreted INTECHCOM.
Release Date: 2018-01-02
How Important is Intercom System in the stage Performance? Marketing Director Kinson Yau of TRINITY fully interpreted INTECHCOM.
    WORLD SHOW    
There is an old Chinese saying that sharp tools make good work.
In the impression of most entertainers, stage managers and directors undertake the events and keep the shows successfully. To be a successful show, stage managers and directors play a decisive role in the quality of performance and have fully control over each link of performance from the beginning of design that includes venue environment, entrances and exits of entertainers and actors, hardware equipment, working procedure of stage technical departments and emergencies that happened during the show. An excellent intercom system allow you to guide and coordinate the effective work of departments via sending communication instructions in show time. That’s why we need intercom system is so important in the stage performance.
The intercom system carry a convenient communication method for stage managers and directors who can stay in monitor room that can be monitored remotely for the live performance at any time and dealing with emergencies in time by wireless or wired intercom system. It is one of the most important factors that helps the show with a great success.
Intercom system has been developing for a long time, however, it is not widely used in China and the importance of the system is often ignored. TRINITY TECHNOLOGY LTD. Or TRINITY first launched self-developed new brand INTECHCOM intercom system at Guangzhou GETshow2017. The development process for INTECHCOM system took over two years and hundreds of product experiments in design and circuit testing and was finally released into marketplace after having product stability and the overall technical test. Production process is the most difficult and needs to be strictly controlled. And How to select high quality and stable components with a better price that it does require a lot of time and energy. TRINITY bears in mind that we made good products. 
The system has been applied in the Hebe Tien IF Plus World Tour Concerts, Twins LOL World Tour Concerts, G.Dragon 2017 World Tour Concert in Macao, Leon Random Run 2017 World Tour and other popular star concerts that gets a good practical experience and excellent feedback from staffs behind the stage.
Why intercom system is so important?
As a marketing director of TRINITY, Kinson yau had covered the whole process of INTECHTOM from it’s design, development, production and new products were born. With 12 years of working experience in Telex, Kinson deeply felt that the importance of intercom system to a show event.
“Intercom system is also called two-wire intercom system, which came out in the 1960s that it is widely used abroad in various events and programs, while there is not enough attention at home. “ Kinson pointed out, most of the present performances still relies on walkie-talkie or telephone communication, but it could not allow you with a full duplex communication, not only are they poor in anti-interference, but also has an impact on your surroundings such as noises and signals. With the rapid development of the modern communication technology, the demand for a stable and reliable professional intercom system in stage is becoming more stronger in future.
“Intercom system product is not much, and there are well-known international brand that comes with a relatively expensive price and many additional functions are not commonly used. Therefore, we would like to develop our own brand INTECHCOM intercom system with high quality and reasonable price, which designed to meet the current needs of domestic performances.” kinson yau explained. When TRINIYT developed INTECHCOM intercom system, many fellow traders don’t know what kind of this is until the system was first displayed at Guangzhou Getshow2017. As the product applied to the varieties of large-scale events, eventually sold to abroad and extended to the international market, we know that we did the right thing and that’s why we said sharp tools make good work.
    What’s advantage of INTEHCOM? Or why to choose INTECHCOM?     
Real-time circuitry for video, audio&communications.
INTECHCOM Party-line are of the highest quality and reliability and used in broadcast. Event production, international games, motor-sports, enterprise, industrial and governmental applications.
In addition to our quality line of products, such as power supply with automatic change over function. Optical fiber transport for audio signal, useful as a two to four wire adaptor for connecting four-wire communications into and out of a standard intercom device. Our INTECHCOM interface for permits communications between a cable intercom system and standard simplex(press to talk) transceivers, include cell phone device. We offer a comprehensive range of unique problem solving accessories. We can help you plan your system and fine the most economical way to implement.
Intelligent detection function indicator.
Enjoy free three-year warranty on your INTECHCOM intercom.
Currently, INTECHCOM intercom system had over 20models products that includes master station, talkback loudspeaker station, power supply, splitter, belpack, headphone, cue light outstation, accessories etc. It can be satisfied the needs of multi-type events, fixing installation and theatre venues. However, INTECHCOM was launched into market in less than a year and all products in market are wired, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Now, TRINITY are getting ready for the next level on the wireless intercom system, with combination of “wired+wireless”, providing you with the perfect intercom system solution for more complex applications.
Research Team
There are total five in our research team with quite mature technology and experience that they are uncle bor(Mr. Lee Kam bor) who is team leader and also is managing director of TRINITY, the rest are technicians with kinson yau included.
Link- About us:
Trinity Technology (Guangzhou) Ltd. was founded in 2001, as a subsidiary of Trinity Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd. established in 1978. With nearly forty years of history and experience, Trinity has always been devoted to providing full sets of professional equipment rental installation and sales services for the entertainment industry, includes lighting, audio system, trussing, staging, machinery, hoists and special effects etc. We also undertake various performing arts events. In-house services include design and production of TRI-Power Truss, INTECHTOM intercom system, KSG professional microphone and flight case. Products and technical services are extended over mainland China, HongKong, Macau and Taiwan and overseas market in Southeast Asia, USA, Australia and Europe.


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